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Welcome to my site
Hi! My name is Maina James and I am a 2nd year student at the University of Nairobi. studying maths(Bsc Mathematics), with a minor in Chemistry. I'll be looking for a career in Information Technology upon graduation in the year 2002. My computer/Internet programming skills include HTML, Javascript, Perl, and Visual Basic 6.0. Be sure to check out my CGI scripts written in perl. I am available for web consulting services ranging from quality web design to complex CGI scripting. Feel free to navigate through this web site. You can opt to search the site for specific information. Enjoy your visit and let me know your suggestions and comments.

What's new on Maina James online
New scripts available on the site. From the Hello World to the Reflector script, I've added another new one called which handles subscriptions in a simple manner. Try it out below.

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In case you are wondering...
CGI stands for Common Gateway interface. My Perl (Practical Report and Extraction Language) script execute in the CGI interface. If you have any problems with my script while running them please contact me immediately so that i can debug them.
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