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My full name is James Karanja Maina. I was born in Nairobi on 4th February 1979. I am aprroximately 6 feet tall with athletic build. I have 3 older brothers and one younger sister who is currently in high school.

I attended Racecourse Primary School and graduated with a mean score of 513 marks which was enough to qualify me to attend Upper Hill High School. It was here that i met very good friends of mine in particular, Job Okoth, Martin Kamau, and many many other guys who I was lucky to be around with. I finished high school with a mean grade of B+.

University then was the next obvious step. But just before I went to campus, i.e starting from July 1997, I started a youth club called Innovative youth. It was later disbanded and together with my good old pal Job Okoth I was able to launch a magazine for our area called >> Neghbourhood magazine.

I joined University of Nairobi in September of 1998 and lasted that one year as a fresher doing Bsc. Now i'm in second year and though i'm still doing Bsc (Maths and Chemistry), I find working on the internet to be not only my newest passion but also a good starting point for a career in the PC industry.

Read more about me on the Resume page.

My contacts are : Adrress: James karanja 68814 Nairobi, Kenya

Please check out my CGI scipts here!